Free Music Archive

For anyone thinking of making their own crowdfunding video (or any other indie video project, for that matter), you can add music to your video from the “Free Music Archive”.

However, just because the music on the site is “free”, doesn’t mean you can use the tracks for everything. Be careful to check the licence that each track has. Some have a Non-Commercial licence, and since crowdfunding is about trying to make money for your project, those tracks can’t be used in your video. However, I’ve read that if you contact the composer, there is a possibility they’ll let you use a Non-Commercial track for commercial purposes.

Unfortunately, you can’t browse the site by licences, which would be an awesome extra search filter for them to have. But, if you take the time, you can find some interesting tunes, in many genres, by artists who don’t mind you downloading or remixing their tunes, which is pretty cool. You can even donate to them if you really like their tracks.

Here is the track I’m using in my crowdfunding video. Stellardrone’s “Airglow”:…/S…/Light_Years_1227/02_Airglow

As you can see it has a Creative Commons Attribution License, so as long as you credit the composer and state that you got the track from the Free Music Archive, you’re good!

Kickstarter video

I’m editing the Kickstarter video this week and weekend. Hope I make a good job of it! I blew my lines repeatedly when I was filming it, but I had fun. My respect for actors delivering dialogue has increased enormously!

Now, I’m busily trying to remember all the video editing things I’ve learned over the years and using Google to search for any other things I need to figure out.

Man, the Internet as a knowledge base is something I so take for granted! In the pre-Internet days (anyone still remember those?) I would have been pestering my friends like crazy and then probably still have to pay someone to help me make it! 😉

Well, better get back to it! Wish me luck!

(Below) Yep, muffed another line. 😀

Craig muffs another line while filming his Kickstarter video.